Tuesday, February 15, 2005

How the other side feels

So I found myself reading quite a number of blogs from the Arab world today. The general sense I got was alot of anger and desperation. Whatever you think of the war, I think it is important to actually go and read some of these blogs. It's easy to presume what the Arabs think of what we are doing in Iraq, but it's another thing to actually listen to them writing on the internet. You should definitely read the comments on these blogs. What is particularly shameful is the Americans who make threats or say how we should kill all Iraqis. Some of these blogs are pretty scary though, alot of Arabs really hate. Here's a few that I've perused...

Raed in the Middle - He's pretty extreme sometimes, but the comment sections are huge on several posts and worth skimming through.
A Star from Mosul - 16 year old girl living in Mosul. Pretty well written for a teenager, has several pretty compelling posts as well.
Arab Blogger - Has tons of links to Arab blogs, and is currently featuring the 2004 best Arab blogs awards