Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Some "scientific" opinions on Intelligent Design

The following conversation took place during bbq lunch last week with my research group. I think it adds a nice international flavor to the debate. Take from it what you will.

Me to entire group: Intelligent Design is that new, nicely packaged version of creationism. It's just more bullshit propaganda.
Other American Grad Student: I think we should at least debate these people. We should try and discuss this with them.
Me: You cannot have a rational debate with irrational people. They don't have facts, they have the 2000 year old tome.
Indian Postdoc: Yeah, what's wrong with these people? Don't they know there is no god?
Me to Chinese Grad Student: Hey Chinese Grad Student, what's your opinion?
Chinese Grad Student: I don't have an opinion! This is stupid.
We all laugh.

So there you go, some opinions from the mysterious "Scientific Community".

(Side note: When I was in Amsterdam, their Education minister was pushing for I.D. to be taught in their classes. I felt compelled to apologize to my Dutch collegues for that particular American Export. They accepted the apology and said something along the lines of "stupid Americans." I agreed with their assessment. )