Thursday, December 01, 2005

Thank you for advancing stupidity Rita Cosby

As I'm browsing MSNBC, I stumble across this gem of ignorance. Rita Cosby, who has been obsessed with the Natalie Halloway case in Aruba, decided to interview a psychic to see whether or not she could give any insights into the case.

Don't worry, her psychic voodoo crap assures us that those boys who were under investigation are guilty. Well fuck the court system, lets just string them up because Medium Allison DuBois got some bad mojo by LOOKING AT A PICTURE OF THEM! Well, isn't that just fan-fucking-tastic! Maybe we should show her pictures of Iraq so she can find the missing WMD's. Or maybe, a picture of the Whitehouse so she can find all the missing competence.

Thanks for this gem Rita, you win the today's "Advancement of Ignorance" Achievement Award.

If you'd like to know all about Medium Allison DuBois, then check out this website. Oh Allison, you've been a naughty little con-artist.