Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Urban Dictionary Meme

Just thought of an idea for a new meme. We'll see if it catches on. Here's the meme:
1) Go to
2) Click Random ten times
3) Post your favorite definition out of the random 10

Here's my entry:
what does "wevd" mean?

wevd is a word invented by me (mortecattiva), and it's used to express your "feeling dirty" while you do cybersex.

yes, little pervert, i said cybersex.

now, what is the meaning of wevd? let me explain it:

what is the animal who express the concept of "dirty"? the PIG.
what does the pig say? he says OINK OINK OINK.

so when you are feeling dirty, you little pervert, you say OINK as well.
but hold on! you are doing cybersex! your right hand is busy! how can you do?
easy, act like on a mirror! if you were a pro typewriter like me you would know you type
O - with the ring
I - with the middle finger
N - with the index
K - with the middle finger
if you do the same moves with your left hand, what letter you obtain?
O - W
I - E
N - V
K - D

this is the solution!
copyright 2004 - mortecattiva