Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Dick Cheney Random Fact Generator Version 1,0

If you look at my sidebar, you will notice that I have added a Random Dick Cheney Fact Generator. Everytime you load my blog from now on, you will be greeted with a random fact about Dick Cheney. I've compiled all the contributions from my blog and from the post at Shakespeare's Sister. The current total of facts about is at 127.

If you wish to add a fact about Dick Cheney to the master list:
1. Click the "Random Facts About Dick Cheney" Link on the sidebar
2. Click the "Add Your Own Entry" Button
3. Type in your Dick Cheney Fact and then Click "Submit"

Warning: If your fact has already been submitted to the master list or just sucks, I will delete it from the Master List.

If you wish to view the entire Master List, just click the "Random Facts About Dick Cheney" link.

Oh, and I plan on doing a post on some statistics about the facts on Dick Cheney. Things along the line of how many supernatural powers does Dick cheney have, etc. Stay Tuned.