Monday, June 13, 2005

Party Recap

My new roomate, the AC Patriot, and I decided to throw a party on Saturday. Overall, it ended up being an even better party than I was expecting or hoping for. One of the ideas I came up with was to make a poster titled "The Reasons I Hate Grad School" and let everyone fill out why they hated being in grad school. The following is the result of what happens when you grad students drink beer and have an open forum.

Here is my buddy Jason acting the fool. (He was a little drunk at this point)

This was Brian trying to do a keg stand in the kitchen 5 seconds after the cops came. The result: He busted the light in my kitchen and the cops came right back after hearing the ensuing sounds of crashing plastic.

I don't think they are actually kissing (I was a bit drunk at the time), but you just gotta love the look on that dude's face. Classic.