Thursday, June 16, 2005

Presentations, drinking and procrastination

So, I've barely done any posting this week. The title nicely sums up what I've been doing instead.

First I had a presentation for my General Relativity class that had to finish so I could be done with classes forever. Of course the professor for my class wanted the presentations to be done in the morning, and there were so many presentations that it took both Tuesday and Wednesday morning.
I then taught almost all of integral calculus to some high school kid on Tuesday for $30 and then went to Taco Tuesday with some friends and proceeded to drink several beers and eat cheap Mexican food. When I get home, I recieve an instant message from a friend I haven't seen in roughly 5 years, who apparently is in town and wants to do some drinking. So, then last night AC Patriot, my friend and I all go out drinking. And as seems to be happening quite alot lately, I ended up nicely drunk.

So here I am, hungover and lazily typing away about nothing instead of getting yet another presentation ready for a poster session tomorrow. I need to do a real political or science post but I just don't feel like it. Procrastination, you are my prison. Damn you.