Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Six months till serious recruiting crisis

According to retired U.S. Army colonel and now MSNBC military analyst Jack Jacobs in an interview with Keith Olbermann, the Army is about 6 months away from a serious crisis resulting from the problems in recruiting. The Army has overtly lowered its recruiting goals from 8,050 to 6700, and still missed its goals by 25%. According to Jacobs, the Army will start increasing signing bonuses and lowering standards, which means we will have a larger, but less effective military force. Way to go Bush Administration!

"OLBERMANN: To speculate about that time, Army recruiting down 42 percent in April, they lower the quota by 18 percent for May, still miss the quota by a quarter. Can you do the rough math here? At what point do we run out of the personnel required just for the commitments we already have?

JACOBS: Well, I think we‘re probably at the limit now. I think we may have if—another six months or so before things really get dire, and something significant is going to have to be done."