Monday, July 25, 2005

Dutch T.V.

So, I've now had the opportunity to watch some Dutch Television and there are some distinct differences from U.S. television.
1) They show boobs on Television! Ok, in all seriousness, I have seen boobs on various channels and at a variety of different times during the day and night.
2) There are these late night "dating" shows that are like our phone sex commercials in the U.S. I'm not 100% sure that you are buying prostitutes through your television, but that's my guess. I particularly started thinking that when the host of one of these shows took off her panties and put them in the envelope, and then something in Dutch popped on screen. I'm not sure if she was selling them, or if they were a gift to the next caller.
3) MTV here is a somewhat different. Instead of just having rap videos on 24/7, they actually have a nice variety of rock, rap and techno/dance music. And to my amazement, their videos featuring female artists are not contests to see who can wear the sluttiest whore outfit. Sorry Britney.
4) CNN international is FAR better than the CNN we see in America.
5) World and environmental issues are not only in the news here all the time, but they actually emphasize them.
6) Almost forgot, Metallica documentary on MTV is much better uncensored. See item 1)