Monday, July 25, 2005

Roxanne.... you don't have to put out the Red Light (district)

Yikes, I think I was reaching with that title. Anyways, here is a quick photoblog of the Red Light district (Sorry, no pictures of an prostitutes. Maybe I'll take a few on my next trip there.)

First we start off with a trip to the Erotic Museum. It's a funny little museum with lots of strange old pictures and some funny videos.

Next stop, the Hash Marijuana Hemp Museum. They had some pretty crazy looking old pipes and bongs. Plus, they have a big room where they grow pot. I've had a few friends who had maybe one or two little pot plants, but this was a green house dedicated to them. In a word: impressive.

I didn't actually go into here, it was really crowded but this is apparently a famous little coffee shop.

Here is my token canal picture in the Red Light District. I never realized how many canals this city had until I came here.

And here is a picture of Central Station, which is the main hub for the transit system in Amsterdam.