Friday, July 01, 2005

Sex with a anti-choice chick?

As someone who is pro-choice, could you morally choose to have sex with someone you know is pro-life? That is a tough call. I know I have asked most of the women I've dated whether they are pro-choice or anti-choice, but there were at least two that I didn't ask. I would have to say that if I knew that a woman was 100% anti-choice, I do not think I'd have sex with her. It's just too damn risky and I have a real problem with people who are zealously anti-choice. As this post at Feministing shows, the choice can be more difficult for women who are pro-choice deciding whether or not to have sex with an anti-choice man. Of course for some women, such as Jessica at Feministing who says "sex with anti-choice folks is out of the question. No exceptions.", the choice isn't so difficult.