Monday, August 08, 2005

Blogging the pride

So, I went to my first gay pride parade this last weekend. Aside from the schizophrenic weather, constantly switching between intense sunshine and pouring rain every 20 minutes, it was a great spectacle. A few thoughts that occurred to me before I post a few pictures...
  • It's hard to enjoy a floats that have good looking women on them when you aren't sure whether or not the "woman" you are looking at is a female, tranny or cross dresser.
  • People in Amsterdam really go nuts at this gay pride parade. And the lack of open container laws just kicks ass!
  • Straight guys in Amsterdam are way to comfortable wearing pink.
  • I have never seen a woman that fat wearing a bikini. The cross dressers on the parade floats are pointing and laughing at her. Wow.
Ok, on to the pictures...