Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Potheads are the most wise of drug addicts

Do you have a burning question that you cannot find the answer to? Then why not Ask a Pothead. Where else can you get advice on such important matters as the Age of Consent and MILF's?

Mad props to the Recidivist for finding this site.

The obligatory preview of the site...

"Dear Pothead,

I am a 25 year old stoner who smokes every day. I go to work on-time each day. I make good money. I pay my rent on-time each month. I have realley good credit. I live in a nice neighborhood. I drive a fourty thousand dollar car. I am 6 feet1 and 200 pounds with blond hair and blue eyes. I'm not a bad looking man. I shower and shave daily. I dress nicely. I can't find a date to save my life. I can't talk to girls except for through the internet. I freeze. I make sounds that are not words and I smile akwardley. I had a girlfriend for 3 years but thats over now and I havent had any pussey for almost 1 year."

Guido The Don of the Stoners says: I will do you this favor. I will find you a woman. She will be beautiful with big hips that can bear you many sons. She will cook for you and clean your home. All I ask in exchange is that you're willing to do me a favor some time. I don't need any help now, but down the line I may call on you. Oh... and I would be honored if you would name me godfather of your first born.