Monday, October 03, 2005

Remember that whole middle east peace thing?

Oh yeah, the whole universe isn't just about the United States. Well, things are looking really bad in the Gaza Strip right now. Hamas is getting in gun battles with the Palestinian Authority police in the streets of Gaza. It is starting to look like a civil war is going to break out between the P.A. and Hamas. Palestinian police stormed a session of Parliament to demand a crackdown on the militants they are fighting in the streets. They claim the government lacks the will to bring down the militants and enforce the law.
"Our commander died in front of us, and we were running out of bullets," said an officer. "Give us at least bullets to protect people and to protect our stations."
I really hate to admit this, but I think maybe Sharon was right about one thing. Maybe the Palestinians really do need to clean up their own house before a real peace can be achieved.