Monday, October 03, 2005

Who the hell is that?

Who? That is the collective question being asked across the country after Dubya announced his latest supreme court nominee Harriet Miers. Once again, Dubya is hooking up one of his buddies with a sweet post. Congrats Harriet, unlike the rest of America, you've now got job security for life. But is she even qualified for such a difficult and important post?

At least we'll still have a woman on the court. (Here I expected another old white guy. Or maybe a Hispanic that looks kinda white)
Well, she's never been a judge before. Hmmmmmmm.
She is Dubya's personal lawyer. Ugh!
Some conservatives don't like her at all. Hooray!
Because she could be completely incompetent for the job. I feel conflicted.

So, will the Democrats rip her to pieces in the confirmation hearings, or will they pull a Roberts (not doing jack shit). I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Let the bloodsport begin!

Update: Firedoglake gives a thorough account of that Republican dirty word: CRONYISM!
Update II: Slate offers a bipartisan selection of blogs screaming CRONYISM.