Tuesday, March 22, 2005

The Culture of Death

Recently, there has been a great deal of press about the "Culture of Life" that is being pushed by the Christian Right, but more importantly by the Republicans who are currently running the country. So what exactly does "Culture of Life" constitute? Well, I believe it means that you are Pro-Life and that you think Terri Shiavo should be forced to keep living against her own wishes.

Now, such a grand title for a certain viewpoint as the "Culture of Life" immediately would imply that those who disagree with the views of the "Culture of Life" must be part of the "Culture of Death". Now, I find myself being a strong advocate of the Pro-Choice and let Terri Shiavo die as per her own wishes and with dignity viewpoint, so I am in fact now in this "Culture of Death".

People in the "Culture of Life" generally have this viewpoint supposedly because of some religious motivations. However, those of us in the "Culture of Death" are just plain evil, BUT have a more practical motivation for our viewpoint. Allow me to explain...

We take a dash of cute cuddly babies

add in some helpless medical patients

And suddenly you get

If you don't recognize this, here's a hint: IT'S MADE FROM PEOPLE!!!