Thursday, March 10, 2005

Hey Walmart, why do you hate freedom?

In August 2004, Jonquière, Quebec became the home to the first Walmart to unionize in North America. So, what is Walmart's reaction to this turn of events? Intimidate the employees who joined the union. Well, that didn't seem to work. So now, they are shutting down the store. According to Walmart, "the union wanted to fundamentally change the store's business model." Translation: employees wanted fair pay and better scheduling. How unreasonable!

In the wider scope, this is a blatant attempt by Walmart to intimidate the 20 other Walmarts in Canada that are attempting to organize unions. Walmart's new motto: You get a union, you get fired. AC Patriot, a former Walmart employee, has a more thorough posting on the evils of Walmart. Check it out.