Thursday, March 03, 2005

How many blondes does it take to write a piece of garbage?

Only one if you happen to be Ann Coulter. In her opinion piece this week, she essentially writes that it is hypocritical for liberals to point out the hypocrisy of conservatives running gay escort services or having gay children. Instead of going on an extended argument of how and why she is completely wrong, I'm going to instead highlight a few of the propaganda tools she uses in this piece (of shit).
1. Name Calling - Practically every other line has some form of name calling.
2. Hyperbole - An apt description for her style of writing
3. Transfer - She recalls a story about the son of an atheist who becomes a born again Christian and uses it to attempt to link her point of view to the prestige of Christianity.
4. Bandwagon - She jumps right onto the Spongebob bandwagon
5. Fear - The following are direct quotes from her story...
"Democrats tried working out their frustrations on blacks for a while"
"So now liberals are lashing out at the gays."
"Force children to testify against their parents to gain control by fear."
"Liberals use these people and then discard them."
6. Glittering Generalites, Bad Logic and Unwarranted Extrapolation - Her logic in the following quote goes something like this: All liberals are atheists, but like Spongebob because he is gay, and therefore worship Spongbob.
"Let go, let God ... Oops -- I'm talking to liberals! Let go, let Spongebob"