Tuesday, March 15, 2005

"Submission" is back, partly

Ifilm has just posted a 3 minute clip of the film Submission, a metaphorical movie about the plight of many women in the Muslim world. If you didn't get to see the full version of the film before, you should check out the clip that Ifilm has been allowed to post. Here is the synopsis of Submission from Ifilm...

On November 2nd 2004, Theo Van Gogh was brutally murdered on the streets of Amsterdam in reaction to his film, "Submission," which criticizes the treatment of women under Islam. The slain filmmaker was the great grandson of the brother of famous Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh, who was also named Theo. The film was written by activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Despite the threat to her own life, Ms.Hirsi Ali refuses to back down on what she calls her Islam Reform Project (IRP) "I am on a mission. And it's only just begun."