Thursday, March 24, 2005

Tom Delay, Republican martyr

As the Disgruntled Chemist has pointed out, Tom DeLay has already compared Terri Shiavo to Jesus Christ. Now, how could Tom DeLay take his hyperbolic comparisons to a new level. Well, by comparing himself to Terri Shiavo of course. Of course, the parallels are just mind boggling. Well, even a child could see the implications of this little progression of comparisons. Yes, that's right, Tom Delay thinks he is a modern day Jesus, being persecuted by those meanie Democrats.
It seems almost beyond belief that someone would be so blatant in using this tragedy for their own personal political gain that they would directly compare themself to Terri Shiavo , but here's a small excerpt from Newsweek on how he starts up this comparison.

"And so it's bigger than any one of us, and we have to do everything that is in our power to save Terri Schiavo and anybody else that may be in this kind of position, and let me just finish with this:

This is exactly the kind of issue that's going on in America, that attacks against the conservative moment, against me and against many others."