Monday, April 18, 2005

Know thy enemy

NY Times did an article on Ralph Reed today. If you aren't familiar with this pretty boy evangelical, just think of the character that Macaulay Culkin played in the The Good Son. Ole Ralphy boy is one tough political operative. He used to be the head of the Christian Coalition, he was one of the main advisors of the Bush campaign and now he running for Lt. Governor in Georgia. His story is essentially the story of the rise evangelical conservatives in this country, and I personally dislike him more than any other conservative pundit, even ole Ann Coulter. Anyways, the article from the NY Times sums up his career and his ties to Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff, the same lobbyist who is getting Tom Delay in trouble. Apparently ole pious Ralph got some money from casino owners. Oops.

Quotes from Triumph the Comic Insult Dog in the SPIN ZONE after the 3rd Presidential Debate

"You are hearing the rantings of Ralph Reed. He used to pimp the Christian Coalition. Now, he reeks of Bush more than a Katie Lang mosh pit."

"Come on Ralph, Gay Rights. If you're going to be against gay rights, then you better take out that pole up your ass"