Monday, April 11, 2005

That Einstein, what a slacker!

LA Times had a humorous commentary today from Peter Mehlman, a television writer and producer who worked on "Seinfeld" entitled "Relativity Speaking, Einstein Was A Slacker". If you have an LA Times account, check it out. If not, here are a few excerpts.

"Perhaps you feel that dreaming up E=MC2, the unified field theory, quantum theory and the theory of relativity by the age of 30, then moving to America and focusing the rest of your days on dating our college girls, constitutes a full life, but that's not the way we do things. Not here. Not now. Not in the 21st century"

"Oh wait. Diet Coke is a mystery to you. But E=MC2? That you understand. Anyway, I can't completely dismiss your life. You did rather well considering that, as a child, everyone thought you were slow in the head. At what age did you start talking, 8?

Well, if you were a kid today, you would be plied with so many pharmaceuticals, your parents would be happy if you just masterminded the theory of not eating mud."