Thursday, April 14, 2005

Something for the Anti-War masses to think about

Here's a quote from an LA Times editorial by Max Boot in which he makes a good point about the self-interested nature of good portion of the anti-war movement in the US.

"Remember how exercised everyone around the world was about the crimes committed at Abu Ghraib? Infinitely worse deeds are being done in Darfur every day. Where's the outrage? Where are the street rallies that might spur Western governments into action? Aside from a handful of journalists and human rights activists, the only Westerners who have shown any sustained interest in the Sudan are evangelical Christians, who've been exercised primarily about the fate of their coreligionists in the south. The silence of the "antiwar" masses speaks volumes about their priorities: They don't object to war crimes as long as they're not committed by Americans."

Update: LA Times has done another editorial on Darfur, second day in a row. It appears they are starting to give Darfur alot more ink than in the past.