Sunday, January 22, 2006

Deep Thoughts

I've been considering for a long time a question that is rather important to me: What is the perfect pre-drinking food?

For a long time, I would just pack anything into my system that I could. Pizza, beef fried rice, and Freebirds burritos were the college favorites. Back then, I thought sheer volume of food was the key to victory. I quickly learned however that massive amounts of food can work against you. I ate 5 pieces of fried chicken before attempting to join the century club... hilarity did not ensue. Vomiting did.

Grad school has introduced a far greater variety of pre-drinking foods. I think I've had everything from fish tacos, to sushi, to meatball subs. My birthday this last year taught me that soup, even beef barley soup, is no match in a head to head contest with whiskey.

Last night, however, was an epiphany. I've discovered the perfect pre-drinking food. And it was right there in front of me all this time. Thoebrama, thy name is Double-Double meal (animal style )from In-N-Out burger. First of all, it is delicious. But it has all the essential elements that a good predrinking food needs.

1. Meat. Good predrinking food needs meat. It forms the backbone of the meal.
2. Bread. That delicious spongy bun for the In-N-Out burgers gives you a little extra alcohol absorption.
3. Vegetables. You need to have some veggies for a hard night of drinking. The nutrients and water in veggies will help you when you get to that 8th beer.
4. Fried potatoes. The fries provide bulk and salt, both of which are good for drinking.
5. Cheese. Is there ever a bad time for cheese? Is there? (no)
6. Correct amount of food. Not too much but enough to keep the drunkeness at bay for a while and keep the hangover stomach damage to a minimum.

So, anyone else have special pre-drinking food?