Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Dirty Colin avalanche

My blog has been getting many google searches looking for "dirty colin" as illustrated below.

Apparently, Colin Farrel now has a sex tape out. Here's the scoop from What Would Tyler Durden Do :
" arrived online today, offering to sell the Colin Farrel sex tape to anyone with 14.95. The tape, made almost two years ago with Playmate Nicole Narian, is rumored to be extremely explicit, and based on the preview pictures on the site, that definitely seems to be the case. Of course, I didn't get to be the big success I am today by paying retail for my porn, but I promise I'll post the tape as soon as I find it, or crack the sites source code. 15 dollars? What do I look like!"
However, apparently the Dirty Colin website is now shut down. Sorry everybody, but you'll have to wait for the bootlegs to appear on Napster or the current flavor of the month Peer to Peer program. So how did these people get to my blog? Well, if you google "dirty colin" and hit the "I'm feeling lucky" button on google, you go to a post I did previously on Colin Powell's appearance on the Daily Show.