Monday, January 30, 2006

State of the Union: Let's all ride magical hydrogen ponies in the land of Gumdrop Rainbows

You'll always be my bff.

CNN reports that George W. Bush (douchebag extraordinare) will focus his State of the Union address on U.S. energy policy. Am I the only one who finds this hilarious, in a severely depressing way? President Douchebag, the failed Texas oil businessman and the best friend a Saudi oil king could ever want, is telling us that he has figured out how to fix U.S. energy policy.

Here are a few real solutions to help the U.S. break its dependency on Foreign Oil...
  • Force the big car companies to produce more hybrid vehicles through forced quotas and incentives.
  • Make large scale investments into mass transits systems in the largest cities in America. How about using that $50 billion we are wasting on missile defense?
  • Introduce a large gas tax (50 cents per gallon) to force a reduction in demand. Use that money to invest in mass transit, road maintenance and alternative fuels.

Guess how many of these Bush will mention in his speech? If you guessed zero, then you win the prize.*

No, ole Georgy is focusing on hydrogen fuel cell technology. Now, hydrogen fuel cells have the potential to one day replace gas powered cars. However, the best estimates put the first practical hydrogen fuel cell car being introduced no earlier than 2020.

So why would Georgy push technologies that, at least for now, have zero practical application to reduce the current demand in foreign oil? My guess is that Dubya is a little busy making sure his buddies at Exxon are making some money and doesn't have time for energy solutions that will have an immediate impact. He would rather talk about the magical hydrogen ponies in the enchanted land of Gumdrop Rainbows and privatized Social Security.

*There is no prize

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