Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Allison Dubois responds

Allison Dubois, the psychic whom the series "The Medium" is based off, has responded to my previous post about her appearance on Rita Cosby's Show. If you want the facts on Allison Dubois, Two Percent Company did a fantastic series of posts on her. Here is the response from Allison Dubois (or someone claiming to be her)...

Mr. Rob the dirty Liberal- Get your fucking facts straight ASSHOLE!!! It's shitheads like you that give the world a bad odor. Here is the truth about Allison Dubois you pathetic imbecile!!!

I would like to add a note regarding my appearances on local and national television programs. I have had the wonderful opportunity to be interviewed by some great people in the news industry. Once these clips are taped, they are often available for other producers to use. Although I am proud of what I say, I do not want anyone to be misled by my appearances. In most cases I have not even been informed that these shows are going to air. If I happen to be on a show that includes another medium or a researcher, I do not want it to imply that I endorse these people. In most cases I have never met these people and I do not have an opinion one way or another. I was warned that when you become a public figure that people will come out of the woodwork to profit from you. Well I guess I'm no exception.

One person who has been included on shows with me that I do not endorse is Dr. Gary Schwartz. I was disappointed to find out that the four years that I spent in the lab for "science" are, in my view, being misused by Dr. Schwartz -- even after I expressed my disapproval. Some critics posting to Amazon.com suggest that my disappointment stems from the fact that I am not sharing in the profits of Dr. Schwartz’ book. I never asked for a cut of any project that Dr. Schwartz sold because money wasn't the issue.There's no money to be had anyway, ha ha! just kidding. The issue has always been trust. That trust has been broken. Gary says that I asked him to write a book about me which is a figment of his imagination. I actually asked him to NOT write a book about me which his publisher Hampton Roads is well aware of since they were served by my attorney before it released.I was not asking for any money but rather that he correct the falsehoods in his book. He still continues to say that I endorse his book even though I've made it clear that I don't. He points to an e-mail from a year ago that he cut and pasted and only shows part of the e-mail trying to make the argument that I said I'd endorse his book. This was in response to a coversation where I told him that I would not write a foreword for a book about me because that would be ridiculous. Further more I was not comfortable with him writing a book about me at all. So my e-mail was to say that if he wrote a book about "science" and included all the mediums studied in a scientific manner that I'd write a blurb for his book. Weeks after that e-mail I resigned from the board at the lab, found out his book was being sold on my name and saw him fully in a different light. So there you go, an endorsement that was never written is his argument, go figure.

Participating in lab studies with Dr. Schwartz was never to be a for-profit venture. I always understood that we were participating in scientific studie

This posted was signed with the name Disgustedw/dipshitdems. Doesn't Allison realize that Republicans would burn her as a heretic and/or witch? Guess Not. Go here if you want to here Allison Dubois' site. Allison, if you are out there, then feel free to finish your response, and I'll post it up.

For the record, I believe that all psychics do not have any powers. I would say that all of them fall into one of three categories: con artists, entertainers, or mentally ill. In any case, the only powers that these so called psychics and mediums seem to have is separating ignorant people from their money.

Update: It appears that someone just copied the editorial page of Allison Dubois website. Too bad, but I'm emailing the poster as we speak to see who they are. Perhaps it is Allison Dubois, but probably just some poor soul who actually believes in psychics.